Buis-Beal Wedding

A great squad of vendors pulled together to rock Brandon and Ashley's wedding at Bel-Air Events in Kokomo, Indiana. The couple and the entire wedding party were very fun to work with, and everything went off without a hitch.

Credit to Vanessa Rische for her wedding planning acumen. Thanks also to Brandon Pettit for being professional, as always, in capturing photographs of the day. Last but not least, Seth Nunan remains the only officiant I know who has a PhD (I still reserve the right to disagree with him about a lot of philosophical issues! Lol! Just kidding, Seth...sort of ;)

The grand staircase is the best feature of this venue, and the fact that you can get it all done right in one location is also a major plus. Check out the video below!

Want to book for 2019? Dates are going fast. Use the contact form on this page or email me at brandonfroedge@gmail.com for wedding pricing and information.

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