Catching up on Wedding Season; Lots of New Videos

It's been a while since I've updated the blog. I'll link to some of my favorite new wedding videos below. Wedding season has taken me and my camera from the very most Southern part of Indiana, to downtown Indianapolis, to Lafayette, and all sorts of small towns in-between.

This year Parable Productions (a.k.a. me) will film, edit, and produce 23 wedding highlight films--which also means roughly 50 videos of reception speeches, and 23 wedding ceremony videos. It's also exciting that 14 dates are already booked for 2020.

Amid all that, there have been several business-oriented videos for hard-working, unique companies like Stickle Steam, Central Indiana Rubber, Oak Hill Corn Maze & Tree Farm, and Elderberry Everything.

I'm looking forward to making some end-of-the-year highlight videos once wedding season has truly slowed down. But for now, thanks for watching and for all the referrals!

You can always view several more wedding videos by clicking the Wedding tab at the top right of this page, and also by visiting my Facebook page.

Whicker-Osborn Wedding Film

Oak Hill Corn Maze & Tree Farm

Central Indiana Rubber

Shaver-Mills Wedding Film

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