Introducing "Love Stories"

Since I started filming weddings, I have occasionally come across what are generally called either "engagement videos" or "love story videos." To me, most of them felt sort of fake and forced. But...a few were really well done, and made me want to start offering this sort of video to my wedding clients.

My thought has always been, "How cool would it be to see something like this of my parents or grandparents?" Just to see them talk and interact at that time in their life would be pretty amazing...

At last, after enduring and actually somehow thriving in this industry despite the strangeness of 2020, I came across the perfect couple that wanted to share their story. Below is a snippet of what I'm working on for them.

Information + Pricing for Love Stories by Parable Productions

10 minute final video

1 hour session with videographer

Features interview content with both groom and bride-to-be (Some of the questions I ask: How did you meet?, What are your favorite things about each other, Do you have any inside jokes or silly things you say to each other?, What are your future plans together?, Who said I love you first and who wanted to get married first? What is one of your favorite memories together? What was the proposal like?)

○ Also features couple interactions, "b-roll", and drone footage

○ Video delivery in 4 weeks or less (multiple formats available, depending on your preference)

○ Price: $550

Note: "Love Story" videos are also included with my top Wedding Film Package "The Collection."

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