Ranard Wedding Day

I'm finally trying to catch up the blog section of this page so that I can share some of the new wedding films from this Spring and Summer!

Shelby and Brennan's day was a little chilly and a lot rainy, but everyone pulled together to make the most of it. From the video side of things, I was really happy that the highlight film allows you to hear clearly hear the vows--since the rain didn't allow the DJ to have live sound during the ceremony. I put my own microphone on the wedding officiant now at all weddings, so that the film can always feature the vows a couple chooses.

Thanks to Jenny Mundy Photography for being great to work with, as well as The Willow Creek Barn for providing a pretty venue and accommodating the day despite unfriendly weather.

Anyway, you can check out the full film (below) which also has some good moments from the toasts and pretty raindrops stuff!

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