Regnier-Hershman Wedding

Venue: Stone Creek Lodge DJ: Efusion Entertainment Photography: New Adventure Productions

Cara and Tyler were really great to work with, and made the job of creating a unique video completely fun and natural. I'm really look forward to using their vows and portions of the bridal party toasts in the final wedding film. You can see some of this in the "sneak peek" video I'll post below. It's always a privilege to be tasked with capturing the story and emotions that culminate in a wedding day like this.

Heavy rain the previous night didn't stop us from capturing some beautiful sun light peering through the trees in the evening. And the new additions to Stone Creek Lodge only made things even better than in previous wedding seasons. The full wedding film will be available on this website by the last week of May!

This was the first wedding I had done with the Lilliput 7" 4K monitor. It's a nice bright display that was extremely useful in bright sunlight, versus just having the camera LCD. One drawback is that the focus peaking is not particularly distinct--certainly not as useful as on Atomos monitor/recorders. I also got some great drone shots with the DJI Phantom 3 4k that will be included in the final video; upgrading soon to the Mavic Pro, but for now the Phantom is going strong and still gets a quality aerial view for sure!

A special thanks to the vendors listed above, who were all a pleasure to work with and made my job a relative breeze.

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