Spring Photos + Other stuff

It seemed like a good time to update the blog page as I wait for a video to export. In a bit I'm meeting a client to pass off a flash drive with the first drafts of TEDx talks at Wabash College. Tedx are satellite events to the well-known TED talks. The talks hosted at Wabash should be available on YouTube by this weekend, I believe.

I'll share a few photos here that I've been taking purely just for fun. Although, a few of them may end up in a video featuring the new parks in Crawfordsville (Pike Place and Phillip Michael Trail Head Park).

Later I am off to the court house in Brownsburg to film the official legal part of an adoption. This upcoming weekend is going to be a pretty wild one: Friday wedding (Stone Creek Lodge); Saturday park dedication; Sunday filming at Jessica's on Main (dress shop), and then an open house for the aforementioned adoption in the evening. Phew!

I'm also working on a music video with Rhett Thomas for the song "Brothers in Blood". Definitely check out his music, and be on the look out for that video very soon! We are also (fingers crossed) closer to filming for a series of educational videos for a police K-9 Unit that I am really excited about!

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