Syphers-Bolton Wedding

First off, travelling isn't necessarily my cup of tea. I would just assume do all the weddings within a twenty minute radius. But this three and a half hour drive to the Corner House Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, Indiana was more than worth it. Two reasons: one, the couple and also the venue.

Devan and Frank were game for anything we threw at them. Even some sprinkles during the "first look" only added a pretty element to the scenery. There was a lot of sentimentality in the air all day. Yet, this couple is also very chill.

One interesting thing: I don't know if there aren't may wedding vendors in Southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky or what. But all of us vendors (DJ, caterer, designer, photographers, and myself) were all from relatively far-off places. The photogs, I recall, are from Chicago. Anyway...check out the video and you'll see how amazing this venue is ("elegant and rustic").

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