The War & The Tower

This is a previously unreleased special feature I put together while compiling the history of the Montgomery County Courthouse Clock Tower. There are other parts to this story also on the same playlist on my YouTube channel that give a more broad overview of the entire story. This piece focuses on how World War II impacted one small Midwestern town.

You will see actual WWII headlines from newspapers around the country. Doing this research was really fun. There is actually a ton of information that was uncovered I wish had fit into this video. For instance, I discovered who the first person from Montgomery County, Indiana (where I live) to die in World War II was; a young man who was aboard one of the ships that was bombed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

It was pretty remarkable to stare at the headline from the local newspaper. Pearl Harbor took place on December 7, 1941. The same headline and photo from the Associated Press was ran in newspapers across the country. It was actually a full week later until the death of the local soldier I mentioned turned up in the Journal Review. Of course, news moved much slower in 1941.

Special thanks to Sandy Lofland-Brown for sitting down for an interview, local historian Karen Zach for helping me track down some of the information presented, to the Crawfordsville District Public Library for helping me remember how to use a microfiche machine (lol!), to the Montgomery County Courthouse Committee for making any of this possible in the first place, and Aurora Wilson of Sun Fish Digital (camera operator and audio tech) for helping shoot various parts of this video.

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