Wedding Day Magazine Cover Shoot

Recently, Wedding Day Magazine released their Spring 2020 issue. The cover shoot was hosted at Hidden Hollow Farm in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Wedding Day Magazine invited me to create a video covering the day. The "Boho" style shoot was designed by Vanessa of Copper Jade Events & Design, photographed by Abbey Elaine, and catered by Juniper Spoon.

This actually all started back in July 2019 at the Mills-Shaver Wedding in southwest Montgomery County. I was standing a few feet away from Abbey when she snagged a photo that ended up winning the Wedding Day Magazine contest for best Midwest wedding city.

It really goes to show that Montgomery County, even though we're a small town and rural area, has a ton to offer in the wedding industry. This was my first time filming a styled shoot, and definitely something I would do again. Check out the video!

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